I offer a choice of pendants, rings, lockets, cufflinks and earrings in a range of styles and designs.

Most of the memorial jewellery pieces I use are made from hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver but there are some pieces that are also available in solid 9k Yellow Gold.

I am a single man team, I carefully blend a tiny amount of the ashes with the opal in your chosen colour.

There are many delicate stages to the process, and when finished, the resin has the appearance of a sparkly stone containing the ashes and opal. 

I only make one jewellery order at a time. Once received, the ashes, order form and the jewellery are placed together in a sealed bag until needed by myself in the my little workshop.

No ashes are discarded during the process and all unused ashes are returned to you along with your jewellery piece. I treat the ashes of your loved with the utmost care and dignity.

I am able to offer thirty different opal colours, so there are plenty to choose from. This extensive choice of colours allows you to create a truly unique piece of jewellery which reflects your own colour preferences or those of your loved one.

As each piece is individually handcrafted there may be slight variations in the colour and finish of the opal.