Pet Paw Casting

Pet Paw Casting


Pet & Paw casting is a unique way to capture a moment with your favourite furry friend. I can cast most cats and dogs, however, It would reply on your dog being ok with other poeple approaching them. I would be unable to complete a cast if a dog or cat wont stay still or is in distress.


Please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat and advise you on what's best for you and your pooches paws.


Paw casting can be done at your home locally, or within my home studio. I dont sell kits for dog paw castings & I would never recommend attempting to cast an animals paw without prior casting experience. It's just not fair to do that to your pet.


My studio is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Travel outside of Barnsley can be arranged at an extra fee.


Casts can be finished with Gold, Silver, Bronze or most other colours of your choice, this can be dicussed at the time of casting. 


Casting are supplied on an Oak base, with an engraved plaque of your pets name.


Casts can take up to 4 weeks to dry out depending on the size of the paw.


There are 3 pricing options


Small Dog/Cat (Jack Russel or similar)

Medium (Cocker Spaniel/Collie or similar)

Large (Labrabor/Great Dane/St Bernard or similar)


If you are unsure of which size to select, just sent me a message to dicuss.