Breastmilk Inclusion Ring

Breastmilk Inclusion Ring


This Breastmilk inclusion ring features a teardrop shaped stone created from your preserved breastmilk.


Avaliable in sterling silver or 9k gold filled, avaliable in all sizes. 


Breastmilk jewellery allows mums to celebrate their breastfeeding journies, serving as token of the determination and hard work that breastfeeding requires—and representing the emotional closeness and bonding that breastfeeding nurtures.


5ml of breastmilk is required to create your jewellery, this should be sent in a small sealed pot/container. The small milk bags are perfect.


Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. These rings are made to order and this allows time for the ring to be taken to the assay office for hallmarking before finishing.